To Spot a Predator

The technology industry forms a commercial ecosystem that is worth over $1.6 trillion. That ecosystem is a conglomerate of founders, advisors, and service providers. These businesses and their owners are the linchpin of economic success for your business, nation, and beyond.

Growth is good, but this growth has given rise to a cancerous threat: predatory technology firms.

The blackbox nature most business owners attribute to technology makes it a field full of opportunity for those seeking personal, instead of mutual, gain.


Watch out for claims like these!

Spotting a predatory technology company can be difficult, but a little bit of intuition and human cynicism goes a long way. As the saying goes: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Some claims you might hear from a predatory firm:

“We can help anyone.”

From artificial intelligence to blockchain to e-commerce, these “experts” have a magical mastery of every possible industry. Think about how ludicrous this concept is. Would you trust your health to a surgeon who dabbled in every medical expertise? What about a lawyer who is willing to take any case, regardless of the type of litigation it requires.

A qualified technology firm, like a lawyer, will know which industries and segments they can best serve. When in doubt, ask the company for references and actually check them.

“It’s been a pleasure meeting you; here’s a proposal.”

Picture this. You’ve just wrapped your first meeting with a prospective technology firm. They dressed sharp, treated you to lunch, it was great. You talked a little about your business, your goals, and your aspirations. You shake hands and part. Two hours later, you have a proposal in your inbox.

What the blazes is that? There is no way this company has done proper due diligence and crafted a technology plan that will legitimately cover your needs in only two hours. It’s going to take you more than two hours just to digest the food they so desperately kindly purchased for you.

A predatory software company is going to attempt to get you under contract as quickly as possible. Keep an eye out for same-day (or even same-week) proposals.

“I can fulfill every need your business could possibly have.”

Do you need custom software? We got it. Need an IT provider? Got that too. Want an introduction to an investor or prospective account? Got those by the dozen!

See where I’m going? Not only is the predatory technology firm a master of every trade under the roof, they also have a magical grab-bag of opportunity for you and your business. Yeah, right.

Look Over Here, and Quick!

You’ll see a common thread to the statements above. Predatory technology companies want you to sign a contract quickly, and they’re more than willing to throw around flash and pomp to get you to do so. Pump the brakes a little, and you’ll be able to spot the desperation in their predatory practices.

These “experts” are predators and have no place in the technology industry’s ecosystem.

The technology industry is full of talented folk who are more than happy to freely give their time to steer you right. I’m one of ‘em!

Don’t give another dollar to abusive corporate predators.


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